Bollyrobics Night!

The other day, 
I was browsing the video section in the library,
and I found a video that I just couldn't resist.


It was a dance workout video based on 
bollywood dance films...
how great is that??

We knew we had to rent it and try it out when 
we noticed the description on the back of the DVD that said:

"You'll dance barefeet, seductively moving your hands and hips.
Whirl a silk veil to the rhythm, 
or drape it around you like a sari!"

Haha!  We we're sold.
So we had a themed evening of Bollywood fun.
Even Bost got into the Indian spirit
and adapted the name "Punjab" for the evening.

Enjoy a video of us making complete idiots of ourselves 
with our rockin Bollywood moves.
You won't be "sari"!
I crack myself up! :-)

Bollyrobics from Kelsey McMurtrey on Vimeo.

Want more Bollywood?  Read Jmac's version of the story on The Daddy Diaries.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is crackin' me up! Jordan's serious face is hilarious. He looks like he's totally into it :) And I freakin' love Boston's flapping flipper. So darling!