the pumpkin wagon.

Fall is here!! It's really here!

It literally went from 90 degrees to 50 degrees OVER NIGHT. Shorts and flip flops one day...and winter coats the next. It was the craziest thing! But it's pretty typical for Kentucky, so we weren't too surprised. Haha. 

Last week though, while it was still super hot and sunny, the kids had Fall Break from school! We had SO much fun doing different things every day, and we kicked it off with a couple of days playing at The Pumpkin Wagon here in Elizabethtown. We have been coming here to paint pumpkins during Fall Break for THREE years in a row now. Isn't that insane? Time is flying. ( Also I can't believe we've been in one place for that long. It's a record!! Haha)

Just look at my babies through the years:
^2016 (Holland was napping! haha)^
Are you dying?? I am. They were so tiny!! 

(To see more photos from The Pumpkin Wagon in 2016, go here. And while you're there, please appreciate Holland's amazing blonde beach hair phase. SWOON.)

This year, the boys loved exploring all of the different kinds of pumpkins and playing all of the fun farm games. It was so fun for me, too, because I could just let them run and explore and be kids. Those are the very best kinds of days, in my book!

 Also can we please just do a quick comparison of Brighton from this year to last year??

This is this year, at a year and a half.
(SO HANDSOME! I can't handle it)...
...And this is last year. He was seven months.
I mean, I'M CRYING!!!
^Sweetest baby!^
And while we're on the subject of throwbacks, look at these boys--two years apart!
Holy cow. I can't believe how much they've grown.
Time really does fly by. (Make it stop!!)

Another day during Fall Break, we went back to do the Pumpkin Wagon's annual pumpkin painting! This has seriously become one of my kids' favorite traditions here. When school started in August, Camden said to me,

"Mom, I can't wait until Fall Break so we can go paint pumpkins at the pumpkin patch!!" 

Haha. They absolutely love it! 
After they were all done painting, they went to play all of the fun farm games!
They really could play here all day. They love it!
^Cute little farmer boy^
^Love him.^

^The kids love being rolled around like hamsters in this giant tube. I think I would barf if I got in there. Haha!^
^playing in the sand. Because boys. haha^
^I love this little squish^

We had so much fun! I love times like these with my little guys.
Now, can someone please tell them to stop growing up??


Kentucky Kingdom!!

If my kids could live at an amusement park, they would totally do it. I mean, who wouldn't want to live off of cotton candy and funnel cakes and ride roller coasters all day?? Haha, it's every kid's heaven. 

So when we told them we were going to Kentucky Kingdom (our closest amusement park), they screamed with excitement! They could not wait!! 

We loaded up one Saturday, and headed to ride some roller coasters! 
^So excited!!^
It was a rainy day and late in the season, so we were almost LITERALLY the only ones on some of the rides. It. Was. Amazing! We'd go on the rides, hop off and switch places/ kids, and ride again. It was such a blast!!

One of our favorite rides was called the Roller Skatin' roller coaster, which was like the most perfect mini roller coaster for the kids. We rode it a hundred times!!
^the only ones on the ride. SO AWESOME.^
Next up, the carousel!  It's always a little barfy, but a classic.
Another favorite was a ride called "The Flying Dutchman" where the kids got to ride in cute little wooden shoes! Such a cute one!
Brighton found a puddle while the big kids were riding rides, and seriously played in it forever. He probably would have been content playing in it and not even riding any rides. Haha! It's the little things.
The boys loved this little car ride that flipped you around the corners super fast.
They were giggling their heads off, and it was the cutest!
^Brighton wasn't so sure. Haha^

Then I asked Camden if he was having fun, and he was like:
^This is him, violently saying "YESSSS!" haha. so many emotions^
^Hi, Boston!^

^Hi, funnel cake! Get in my belly^
We were able to take Brights on quite a few of the kiddie rides, which was really fun! It was the first time that all of our kids were able to ride stuff, and nobody was sitting on the side with a baby. It was weird, and it was awesome!

Brighton wasn't so sure about this hot air balloon ride, but it was so fun to watch his cute face!
^cutest boys^
^This picture of Holland clinging to the pole for dear life makes me laugh every time^

^He was thrilled^
It started to get stormy, so we grabbed some dippin' dots and headed out of there!!

Brighton kept leaning back in his stroller to grab handfuls of Holland's dippin' dots, and it was the funniest thing of my life. Holland was screaming, Brighton was giggling, and it was hilarious. 
^Hahaha. BROTHERS.^
Since they had to close the park early due to inclement weather, they told us we could redeem our tickets again on another day! Whoop whoop! 

So we did just that. On a gorgeous, 75 degree and sunny day in late September, we went back for round two. And it was just as much fun as the first time!! 
^Waiting for the teacups!^
^Barfiest ride on the planet. Haha.^
You'd better believe that we high-tailed it over to our favorite Roller Skatin' roller coaster asap. It was seriously so much fun!! We rode it about a billion more times.
^Pure joy on his face.^
Jord, Camden, and Holland all wanted to go on the big splash drop ride. I was like, no thanks. Haha.

So me, Brighton, and Boston watched them come down the drop and get SOAKED! 
^Sopping wet! Haha^
^I love him. Even when he's soaked. Haha^

^Crazy little driver!^
I loved this butterfly ride where you had to peddle to go up and down. So cute!
^Camden won a stuffed animal at this game!^

We had the BEST time at Kentucky Kingdom!!

I'm so glad we got two days of fun out of our tickets, because it was perfect.

So long, Summer!!