We love PR. {San Juan family photos}

^My whole heart.^

I knew we would want to remember our special time spent together in Puerto Rico, so I reached out to a local photographer to capture some photos of our family in Old San Juan! And holy cow, I am SO glad we did these. Ailea was incredible and captured such a fun, unique time in our life, and the photos turned out better than I could have hoped for. 

I will always treasure them!! 

We got up bright and early and met up with her at Castillo San Cristobal, and I could not get over how gorgeous it was. With the cobblestone streets, the castle details, and the gorgeous turquoise ocean backdrop--it just could not have been prettier!

It had been raining all morning (so I was stressed! haha), but the clouds parted and the sun came out for the most beautiful morning I've ever seen. We lucked out, and it was perfect! 

These all-boy photos our photographer captured at the very beginning just melt my heart into a PUDDLE.
^hashtag, real life^
^My four favorite little boys!!^
Then we introduced our little diva princess into the mix... and as you can see, she has no trouble being in the spotlight. Haha! 

My gosh, I LOVE HER.
^ I cannot cope!!^
^She kept lifting up her dress like this and just laughing her head off. She is crazy, and we love every second of it! haha. P.S., those chubby legs!!!^
Sometimes I look at photos of my family and I'm like, is this real life? Do I really get to be with them forever? 

Man, they are wild, but I feel like the luckiest mom on the planet.
^This one is going on the wall. P.S., please note Brighton's backwards shorts...that we didn't notice until halfway through our photo session. We were dying!!! haha^
^"What's dis?"^
I always love when we can get some photos of each parent with the kiddos. It's so fun to have those moments captured!
^The absolute best dad in the universe.^
^My babies!!^
I am so thankful for Jordan. 

He is the best adventure partner, and I'm so grateful for his willingness to go all-in on our crazy dreams. We've been married almost 11 years, and we still have a blast doing life together. Nothing is ever off the table, and it makes things so fun!

Move across the country? Sure! Have five kids? Absolutely! Fly to Puerto Rico for a month? Let's do it! 
I love him so freaking much.
^The luckiest girl.^
^Us...and our five favorites.^

After we got some photos at San Cristobal, we wandered over into the deserted streets to snap a few more. You guys, if you ever want to have Old San Juan all to yourself, get up early and go!! It is just SO quiet, colorful, and beautiful.

These vibrant photos will always remind me of our time in Puerto Rico, and I just love them.
^I'm obsessed. This chaotic, happy photo is such a good representation of our life right now, and I love it.^
^love this little princess!^

For these next photos, our photographer had the boys run to the top of the street and then run down as fast as they could. They thought it was the best thing ever!! Haha. 

And I love how Monroe turns and looks back when she hears the commotion--like, oh hey guys! 

Having a daughter has been everything my heart has needed. Sometimes I still just pinch myself that she is real!!

And even though Monroe was not amused with the flower crown, I am still obsessed with her. haha.
And then these photos with her daddy....I cannot deal. 

The absolute sweetest!
^Get this thing off my head!^
^brb crying^
I will love these photos forever. 

They capture such a special time for our family! Traveling and growing together, experiencing something new, living in the moment, and just cherishing all of it.

Just the best.

Thank you so much, Ailea L Photography!! 

You were so amazing, and I'll always be grateful that you captured these precious moments for us. 

What a perfect way to remember such an incredible time in our life!


A day in Vega Baja.

We are home from our amazing adventure in Puerto Rico!!

We absolutely LOVED it, and I'm sure I'll write a post later recapping the highs and lows. (...who am I kidding...mostly highs!)

But for now, I want to post about a few things that I don't want to forget. I thought I'd write about what a "normal" day looked like for us while we were there, since we stayed long enough to settle into a routine! We had so many good days like this together, so I thought I'd freeze just one to remember.

- March 3rd, 2021 -

We woke up bright and early with the kids coming into our room and whisper-yelling (you know the type), 

"MOM. DAD. Can we watch Sponge Bob?" 

Haha. We turned on cartoons, and Jord started to make pancakes while I got a wide-eyed, sleepy Monroe out of her bed. (There is literally nothing better than babies in the morning!!)

^i love her i love her i love her^

After breakfast and scriptures, I headed out with the kids on an early morning walk, and we ended up at the beach (like we usually did). The beach was beautiful and quiet, and the kids searched for treasures on the shore. 

Then we headed back to the apartment to get a snack, and we grabbed school books to do homeschool time. Sometimes we did homeschool at the kitchen table, and sometimes we took the books outside to work on them at the park. 

Today was a park day!

^Exploring while brothers did school work^
The boys decided they wanted to catch a lizard, so they put the books aside and went on a quest to catch one! Lizards were EVERYWHERE, and the boys never got tired of seeing them run around.

They usually just missed them (the lizards are so fast!), but today they got lucky and caught a teeny tiny one!
^Such a happy Brights with his tiny lizard!^
^I did some journaling and adventure-planning while they looked for lizards^

After some play and homeschool time, we hopped in the car to get some groceries in town. The grocery store is always an adventure when you don't speak the language--and you have five kiddos tagging along--so I was glad that Jord could join us on his lunch break!

(I don't have any pictures of our grocery trip...but just imagine total chaos, sweaty parents, google translate, and a wild bunch of kids...and you've pretty much got it. Haha.)

After the grocery store we were all hangry, so we stopped to try a taco place near our house--and it was SO GOOD. 
^Poco Loco!^
^Carnitas, Al Pastor, & fish tacos!^
^The best fish taco I've had, maybe ever?? It was so fresh and AMAZING.^
Jordan had to get back to work, so we ordered some desserts to take home with us! And holy smokes...they were amazing. 

Homemade tres leches cake, and piping hot churros with chocolate dipping sauce. YUM.
^I will dream about these forever and ever.^

^what "working from home" looks like when you are limited in space and you have a crazy baby who's obsessed with you. haha. Jord is such a champ!^

After some quiet time/ nap time for baby Rovies, the kids and I headed to "our beach,"--the beach that we could walk to from our place! 

We spent hours and hours under the shade of the palm trees on that beach. Eating snacks, digging holes, and exploring the tide pools all around. We were usually the only ones there, and we came to love the spot so, so much.
^tiny explorer^
^I wish you could hear her giggle in this picture. The absolute best^
^hashtag the mom life^
When Jord finished working for the evening, he came out and joined us for a bit before dinner. I love love LOVE that we were so close to the beach for this very reason!! 

It was just the best.
^Showing dad where all of the sea urchins are^
^found one!^
^Her little hand on my leg! I die.^
Brighton found us matching "wedding rings" (hollow sea urchin shells) and said
"Mom, will you marry me?"

I mean, how could I refuse that??
^we shall be married in the morning!^

After the beach, we headed in to get cleaned up and have some dinner!

The kids got pretty good at the post-beach shower, cartoons, and chill routine while I made dinner in the kitchen. Transitions are always chaos (especially when sand and beach toys are involved), but the memories of a fun day on the beach are always worth it. Literally always.
^tired babies^
^sweetest daddy's girl^

After dinner, we walked over to the basketball courts in our complex so the boys could shoot a few hoops before bed! There's nothing quite like Puerto Rico evenings. The breeze, the sunset, the palm trees....just perfection.

I just loved that we could spend 99% of our day outside! From sunrise to sunset, the weather was usually just a DREAM.

Then we called it a night, and headed in for bed. 

The boys snuggled into their bunk beds and I put Monroe down in her pack 'n play, and soon everyone was snoozing. Jord and I watched LOST and folded laundry on the couch together, and thought about how grateful we were to be in Puerto Rico as a family. 

Just another day in paradise, and we could not have loved it more.