You guys. I am SO excited to share this with you!!! I can't even remotely sit still right now!

I've dreamed of publishing my work in a hard copy since the third grade, and my husband helped all of my dreams to become a reality by compiling my first book. You have no idea how thrilling this has been for us! Working on this project has been SO fun, and so emotional. The pages hold memories and thoughts that are near and dear to my heart, and I cried when I held the completed copy in my hands for the first time.

Such an incredible feeling.


Jordan has always pushed to reach for my dreams and accomplish goals I've set for myself, but this one takes the cake. I COULD NOT have done it without him. He put countless hours into this, and I am extremely grateful for him! I think we are a pretty good team.

I am SO excited to hear your thoughts on the book.

Go read it! I hope you love it.

You can find it on amazon by clicking this link:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of your love and support!!


Whit's visit, part II!

We LOVED having Aunt Whit here in Kentucky with us for a few days. (See part I of her visit, here!)

We had fun showing her around our little corner of Kentucky, and showing off our new Brighton boy. I mean, just look at these next few photos. He is the sweetest!!
^Camden ADORES him. It is so precious.^
^Cuddling with Whitty^
Oh man. He's such an angel baby.

The older boys absolutely loooooved playing with Whit while she was here. They all had meltdowns when she left. It was rough! Haha. They just adore her.

Also, she brought her heelies (shoes with wheels on the bottom)...and that definitely won them over. She gave them "rides" on her back everywhere we went, and they giggled and giggled. It was pretty cute.
^Trying on Whit's glasses^

One day while she was here, we drove her out to see the Abraham Lincoln birthplace monument. (More photos of that place from an earlier visit, here!) It is really cool to see such a neat historical site, so we love taking visitors if we get the chance.

I think the boys' favorite part is running up and down the zillions of stairs as fast as they can. Which, while we're on the subject, can we please just find a way to bottle up kids' energy for adults?? I could really use some of that in my life right about now. Haha. But seriously. (#imsotired #lifewith4kids)
^Favorite picture of the day, hands down! haha^
Such a fun time!

Another day when the weather wasn't as warm, we hit up the local bowling lane.

The boys loooove bowling, and I think they only almost cracked the floor once or twice from chucking the ball at the floor...so I'll call it a win!
^P.S., it was game day for Kentucky basketball. Gotta represent!!^
That night we went to our ward's luau-themed cake auction! The kids sported leis and ran around playing, while we snagged some of our favorite chocolate peanut butter cupcakes from one of the young women in our ward. 

Also, Jord did the Hakka with all of the young men up on stage, and it was awesome! Holland almost started crying because he was so terrified, but other than that, everybody loved it. Haha.
^Hakka time!^
^Terrified Holland. Haha!^
^Seriously. SO GOOD.^
^I am dying over this photo I accidentally snapped of Holland. So hilarious!^
^I love this kid!!^
Before we dropped Whit off at the airport the next day, we stopped to show her the Louisville temple, and then we drove across the Ohio River to hit up our favorite candy store: Schimpffs! Oh man, we love that place so much. With rows and rows of chocolate and pretty much any candy you can think of, it's every kid's (and my) paradise!
^Walking to the candy store with my little man^
^Lego candy!^
^Three boys on the Schimpff's pig. So classic!^
^They love their Aunt Whit.^

We had so much fun with my cute sister.
Thanks for coming, Whitney! We love you!!


A visit from Aunt Whit! (part I)

We were so lucky to have my baby sister come visit us over her Spring Break a couple of weeks ago! Since we live away from both of our families, the kiddos don't get to spend NEARLY as much time as they want with their aunts & uncles... so they were over the moon about Aunt Whit coming to stay with us for a few days. Whitney is hilarious, fun, and insanely talented (did I mention she's going to be in Miss Utah in a couple of months?! So awesome), and we felt so lucky to spend time with her!

We kept things fairly low-key since baby Brighton was so new, but we were still able to get out and do some fun things! Whit was a great sport with the kiddos, and endured tons of kidz bop, silly bedtime stories, and Moana while she was here. Haha! It was pretty awesome.
^Welcome to Kentucky, Whit!^
We had to take her to one of our favorite BBQ joints on her first night here. Because when in Kentucky, yo! I'm all about the brisket and the creamy mac & cheese. Soooo good.
^Oh man, still dreaming about these sweet potato fries with cinnamon and sugar. HOLY YUM.^

The next day, we drove up to Louisville to take Whitney to one of the boys' very favorite places in the entire world... Main Event Fun Center! They seriously die over this place. It's like Disneyland to them. It's filled with arcade games, prizes, laser tag, obstacle courses, etc., and they're obsessed!

Holland got a little bit sleepy on the ride up... and here's pretty much the cutest photo to prove it.
^Totally a crooked angle, but I had to post it!^
Haha!! Kills me every time. I love that kid. 

When he woke up, he was ready to run around with the rest of us at the arcade! He is such a fiery, spunky boy, and I love that more of his personality is coming out these days. He is so fun!
^Ready to party!!^
^The most dangerous game ever with Holland. He's seriously going to break something one of these times! haha^

Such a fun time!

Before we left, the boys took turns picking obscure prizes with their tickets-- like vampire teeth (Boston), a giant neon ball (Holland), and a mini gumball machine (Camden). You've gotta love arcades! Haha. We had a blast though. It's all about the memories.
^Love this crazy crew.^
Then we headed home for some food and some baby-snuggling. Because we just can't get enough of our Brighton boy!! He is just the most precious thing in the world.

We are kind of obsessed with him.
^"Whatchoo lookin' at?"
The next day, we hit up one of the most hoppin' spots in town...the pet store! Haha!

Hey. It was freezing cold outside, and it was the best thing we could come up with. I mean it's basically like a mini-zoo to my kids, so they were thrilled! Plus it's free! Which is always a plus. Whit was a good sport to put up with our crazy, small-town shenanigans. Haha.
^Cute brother bums.^
^"Sishies, momma! Sishies!"^
So fun! We love having visitors. It's the best!
(One more batch of photos from Whit's visit, coming up next!)