I know I have talked about Nielsen's Frozen Custard before. 
It is one of my favorite things ever!
Soooo, I always try to suggest going for a walk at the park
that is right across the street from Nielsen's, 
so we can make a pit-stop for icecream.
(Sneaky, I know!)
Jord is totally onto my master plan.

Isn't that the cutest Boston hat ever? My dad got it at Fenway park for the little man. Love!

We are already doing well at training Boston in the art of frozen custard.
I think he might love it as much as I do!
He screamed every time I took away the spoon from him.

instead of fighting the spoon issue,
we just gave in and handed him the cone to chow down on.
He loved it!
The poor stroller didn't take it so well-
it's is permenantly smeared with custard remnants. 
Oh well!

I love you, Nielsen's Frozen Custard!!
Especially when you give me a lemon AND a chocolate scoop.
You're the best!

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