happy happy birthday, sydney dear!

Happy birthday, sis!!

I'm sad I am not there to celebrate your big 21 today.
You're getting old, lady!
It seems like yesterday we were both in diapeys together.

Thanks for always going on adventures with me when we were growing up.
I don't have a childhood memory without you in it!
Like the time when I made you sell all of your toys,
and I got to keep all the money.

Or when you wanted some of my sour spray candy,
so I squirted it onto your pillow and made you lick it off.


Was I a brat or what???

 Thanks for sticking out my bossy bratty moments.

Me and Syd at The Fray concert, summer 2009.

Remember how you used to want to borrow everything of mine to wear?
 Well guess what.
I'm pretty sure I covet all of your clothes now.
You are the one that helps me stay out of the "frumpy mom" category!!

Wedding day, June 2010

Even though we fought
and fought
and fought some more growing up,
(remember when we made the tape line down the middle of our room??)
 I'm glad we have become the best of friends.

You have been there ever since I can remember, through the good and bad.
Little stinker Boston is lucky to have you as an aunt!

Big pregnant belly, June 2011

Love you, Syd!

Have a 


  1. why do you guys always make cry? Going down memory lane always does that to me! You forgot to mention how much you loved it when I dressed you alike:)

  2. This is great! I can totally see you spraying Syd's pillow with spray candy. Totally. It's a miracle you didn't do that to your roomies ;) hahaha!

  3. Seeing how cute this was made me kind of sad that we have the same birthday- even though we're still soulmates. yolo, this is so cute!