Jet lag is the pits.

Once apon a time we decided to take our baby boy across the ocean.
No biggie, right?
We thought "If we can make it through the 12 hour flight plus layovers... we will be golden!"
We prepared and prepared for the flight, 
packing books and puppets and marshmallows and goldfish 
and elmo movies...and everything else you can imagine.

On our way from Vegas to New York... the first leg of the flight!

But guess what. 
The flight was kind of a breeze!
Whoop whoop!!
...and then the jet lag hit.
(Why does no one warn you about the jet lag of a one year old??)
Lets put it this way. For an adult, jet lag lasts for a two or three days--tops.
For a one year old?
One to two WEEKS.

Soooo, basically that means that our previous routine got thrown down the toilet when we got here.
To give you an idea, this is how things have changed.

Old routine in America:
8:00 am- Boston wakes up a happy, smiling baby boy.
11-2 am- Boston goes down for a nap and wakes up a happy, smiling, boy.
4-5 pm- He goes down for another nap and wakes up...you guessed it... happy and smiling.
7:30 pm- We get him in the bath, read him some books, and he goes down easy for the night.

Cut to our new routine in Belgium:
11:30 am- Boston wakes up scowling like a gremlin and asking for more "nigh-nigh."
1 pm- Boston goes down for a nap (and needs to be woken up so that he doesn't sleep for 6 hours)...
and wakes up...you guessed it...like a cub bear.
3-8 pm- We take him outside and try to distract him from the fact
that he would be sleeping back in the US.
8:30 pm- Put him down for bed, aka his first "nap."
11:00 pm- wakes up and wants to play toys for an hour.
1:00 am- wakes up and wants to watch Elmo and Madagascar for an hour.
3:00 am- wakes up and wants a cheeseburger and fries... and finally goes back to sleep for the rest of the night.

Yep, its been rough.
But it is slowly and surely getting better.
We will make it!
It definitely helps that he is kind of the cutest thing ever.

We got a little bored during one of his midnight wake-ups... and did his hair like a girl. Poor child!! haha.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! This cracked me up! I'm sorry, you guys! But at least you're in Belgium...that ought to help :)

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  3. Sorry Jessica... I didn't mean to make it look like you left an inappropriate comment that I had to delete!! Haha it was just the same comment twice- so I got rid of one, but now it looks like it was something bad! haha