Hey world!

Well hey there! It has been a while. 
I have been so so so terrible at blogging and keeping stuff updated!!
But here's the thing. 
We have been a little bit scattered and crazy over the last little bit of life.

Since I blogged last, we...

-flew from Brussels, Belgium, to Las Vegas (yay for America!!).
-ate Cafe Rio the very night we stepped back onto American soil. It was glorious.
-spent a few days in St. George with my family.
-drove to Utah county to spend a couple of weeks with Jordan's family.
-found out that we are having ANOTHER BOY!! (Wahoo!!)
-drove back to St. George.
-Drove to Las Vegas.
-Flew from Vegas to Mesa, AZ.
-Stayed and played with family in Arizona.
-Drove from Mesa to Puerto Penasco, Mexico for a fabulous Christmas on the beach!

-Drove back to Mesa.
-Flew back to Vegas.
-Drove back to St. George...and then onto Utah County once more.
-Hit up several family Christmas parties.
-Rang in the new year with a bang! (I may have fallen asleep before midnight...whoops! haha)
-Moved back up to Rexburg, Idaho for our last semester of school (whoop whoop!).

....and, here we are now, almost all settled in our apartment in Rexburg,
 ready to start school on Monday.
We are pooped.

 But we are so so grateful for this past month, and the time 
we have been able to spend with our families.
It has been so great!
We are so ready for life to settle down again, so we can get back into a normalish swing of things.
Hopefully that means I will be a lot better at this whole blogging idea, too!
Because lets be honest, 
I have about a zillion pictures to put up.
I will just leave one for now, 
(it's blurryish but so precious)
of me and my favorite little jammie snuggler. 

Bye bye for now!

(or as Bost would say, "Buuhhhh!!")

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  1. so cute! and sounds crazy!! did you guys move back to Heartland?