Christmas day, 2012

We had quite the international Christmas this year!
Jord and I had just returned from Belgium, Sydney had just got back from Russia,
my dad had just returned from Thailand and Vietnam, 
and we were celebrating it in Mexico!
It was a pretty unique gift exchange--
we had presents from everywhere!
It was awesome.

But before the gift exchange went down, we dug into my mom's 
super yummy (and giant!) breakfast.
There is nothing better!

Don't worry that Tanner did this face in every picture.
The bum.

Boston had a rough time with the whole ordeal at first.
Maybe because it was early?
(okay, like 9 am, so I don't know.)
But as soon as he realized that there were toys under all of that wrapping, 
he was on board with Christmas!

Syd got Whitney this awesome polar bear hat in Sweden.
It was a hit!

Boston loved it so much that he kept running off with it.
Isn't he a cute little bear cub??
(Also..I love that sticking out belly.)

Here are Syd, my dad, and Jord, 
looking their finest on Christmas morn!
They look pretty good for just waking up, huh?

Boston loved reading his new book with Grandpa.
I think he is just a liiitttttle bit spoiled. :-)

 My dad got us some awesome presents in Thailand.
Knock off Jimmy Choo purses?
Don't mind if I do!
( I LOVE ASIA. Can I go back yet??)

Boston's favorite present was a super loud cute
musical instrument set that my parents got him. He hasn't stopped playing with it!
(...and its February. I think the batteries might have to 'accidentally' disappear soon.)

Here is Jord, rocking the Dre Beats that my dad got everyone in Vietnam.
Again, you've gotta love Asia!

After all of the present-opening and food eating was done for the morning,
we headed down to the beach!
Not much can beat spending Christmas day on the sand in the sun.
Hello paradise!

At lunch we had the YUMMIEST shrimp cocktail on the earth.
Fresh limes, fresh shrimp, and avacados?
Yes please!

The frozen virgin Pina coladas and daiquiris were our other favorite things.
I could drink 10 a day!!

Also, check out my cute hipster sisters with their top knots.
They are babes!

We ended the day with a walk along the beach 
just as... you guessed it...
another beautiful sunset happened.
It was the perfect ending to our Christmas day!


Syd was quite the photographer on our trip.
I'm pretty sure she had like seven cameras around her neck at all times!

Look at this guy jump.
He got some air!

So beautiful.
I want to go back!

What an awesome Christmas!
It was one that we will never forget.

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  1. hey Kelsey!

    I nominated you for a blog award. Details at camillathegorilla.blogspot.com. Love the pictures--looks like it was an amazing trip!