That time when we finally made it home.

After our months and months of being nomads,
and living out of suitcases, 
we were SO excited to get settled into our apartment in Rexburg.
I have never been so excited to call a frozen tundra "home"!!

The first week we moved up, our good friend from high school, Gregg, got married.
We were so happy for him!

Here is our table at the wedding dinner.
I sure love these people!
From L-R: Bish, Aaron & Steph, me & Jord, and Andrew & Kailee

The wedding the next day was just beautiful.
The only downfall was the negative degree weather outside when we 
were taking pictures. Brrrrrr!!

It was so fun to hang out with Aaron and Steph, 
since we never get to see them because they are in Utah!
Love these guys.

Luckily, my sister Sydney is awesome, and she came up to Rexburg to help us move.
She volunteered to babysit for us so we could go to the wedding.
Thanks Syd!!

We were all a little frigid waiting for the bride and groom to come out of the temple.
It was freezing!!

And here they are! 
These two are the cutest.

We had fun hanging out at their reception that night.
Boston loved running around and dancing to the music!

Thanks for helping us move, and for playing with Boston!
He loves his Aunt Syd so much.

Boston went a little stir crazy being cooped up as we unpacked boxes.
He was still a good sport, though, and we had some fun!
I love this little man.

After we were all settled and had started school, 
we started babysitting cute little Abbi a couple of days a week.
Boston loves her now, but he was a little unsure of her at first.
I think he got a little jealous that we were paying attention to another baby.
(Uhhh, hopefully he gets used to that soon!!)

We realized just how jealous he was when he climbed his way into Abbi's bouncy chair
one day when we weren't looking.
I guess he figured that if he was a little baby like Abbi, 
maybe we would give him more attention too!
We were cracking up when we found him in the baby chair...
hanging out belly in all.

Oh, I love that kid.
I can't wait to see how he will react to his baby brother in a few months!
It could be interesting. :-)

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