This little man got his 6 month shots yesterday.  I HATE those things!!  I know they are for his own good, but it doesn't make his cry any less sad.  I can't believe my baby is already 6 months old! 
The time flies so fast these days!  
I just love him.  
I mean, how could you not love that chubby binky face? 


  1. When Hannah got her 2 month shots the other day, she was just hangin' out on my lap and our doctor turned to her and said, "So are you ready for your shots, Hannah?" and she immediately burst into tears. Random, and hilarious :) But, yes, shots are no good for mammas and papas!

  2. I always feel a little like I've betrayed them because they trustingly sit on my lap not realizing what is coming and the next thing they know some stranger is giving them a sharp pain in their leg. No wonder kids develop stranger anxiety, they never know if this stranger is going to stab their leg or not.