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Thanks for stopping by! A little bit about us . . .

Jordan and Kelsey met in high school where they became best friends. While Jordan was on a two year church mission in Mongolia and Kelsey was teaching English in China, they realized that Hey! We kind of love each other!

So when they got back to the states, they got married. They have been able to travel together, living in Russia and Belgium while finishing school.

They now live in Kentucky where Jordan works as a business consultant and Kelsey writes, blogs, and takes care of four crazy boys: Boston, Camden, Holland, and Brighton.

We're glad you found our blog!


  1. Such a cute little story! Cute family.

  2. First, you are absolutely beautiful! Second, you made my day by the kind words you commented on my blog, so thank you for that. Matilda is an inspiration - I am lucky to be her mom.