Zoo day (with the Minettos!)

At the end of December, my sister and her cute family came to stay with us in Kentucky! We absolutely LOVED having them here with us, and we smothered her sweet baby Beckham with kisses every single second. 

It was super nice weather for several of the days they were here, so we took advantage of it one day and went to the Louisville zoo. It was so fun!!
^The McMurtreys + the Minettos^
^cutest mom^
^Hi, Becks!!!^
^Cannot even handle him with this smile. SWOON^
^Cam loves his Aunt Syd SO much!^
^Boston got a camera for Christmas, and it was so cute watching him photograph our day. He's getting so big.^
^Watching the tigers!^
^Love these little ducklings.^
^Two seconds after I took this photo, Holland leaned back and knocked out Camden's second front tooth.^
^Cutest toothless grin in the world!^
^tired boy^
^Love this family of mine.^
We loved having the Minettos here, and it was so fun to hang out at the zoo with them and their little Becks. Such a fun day!!


Disneyland 2018: THE VIDEO!

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Is there a more magical place than Disneyland?? I don't think so!

Our Disney trip last Spring was everything and more...and having my family there with us made it PERFECT! We keep scheming about how we can get back there soon.

I surprised my parents on Christmas with this video I made of our time at Disneyland, and they loved it. So many fun memories!!! I hope this video will help us remember this trip forever.

(Crank up the volume, enlarge to full screen, and enjoy!)


Merry & Bright.

^McMurtrey family, December 2018^
We thought we'd mix things up this year and do a virtual Christmas card/ blog post! With amazing friends and family all over the map, it's sometimes easier to do it this way.

Here's a quick snippet of our family right now:

Boston: Our Boston man is seven and a half years old (going on seventeen), and loving first grade! He's obsessed with basketball, reading, drawing, football, pokemon, comic books, and all things Harry Potter. He's getting to be quite the little reader, and it's so fun. He loves hamburgers, his all-boy dance class, and always takes great care of his little brothers.

Camden: Cam is five and a half, and he is thriving in his kindergarten class. He is a friend to everyone he meets, and has the sweetest little dimpled smile in the world. Cam loves puzzles, roller coasters, candy, legos, pizza, word searches, and playing at the beach. He has an infectious giggle, and loves every baby he meets. When he grows up, he wants to be a paleontologist.

Holland: Our crazy Holland boy is three and a half! He started preschool this year, and he cannot get enough of it. The first day I picked him up, he said, "Hey mom? Please don't pick me up like that tomorrow. Just leave me at the school so I can stay in my class all day and play with my friends." Haha. Holland loves Chick-fil-a, playing at the park, making cookies with mom, reading look and find books, and playing with his little Brighton buddy. Holland is pure joy in human form.

Brighton: Our baby Brights is almost two!! (I don't know how that's possible, but it's true.) Brighton was a pretty rough baby for a while, but my gosh--he has entered the funnest stage ever, and we just can't get enough of him. Brighton is obsessed with trains and cars, and usually has about five in each hand. He also loves his blankie, Christmas trees with shiny lights, puppies, playing outside, yogurt, Chuggington on Netflix, lucky charms, and his daddy.

We love our crazy boys!!
Jordan: Jord keeps busy with work, his church calling with the Young Men's Program in the ward, and coaching whatever kid's team his wife signs him up for (whoops. haha). He always keeps us laughing with his corny jokes, and he can bust some mean dance moves in the kitchen. He is the best husband and dad, and we feel so lucky to have him.

Kelsey: Well, I pretty much just try to keep myself sane while raising four crazy boys!! Haha. But they are so, so fun, and I feel so lucky to be their mom. This season of motherhood has been my very favorite. I also keep busy with documenting our adventures on the blog, sneakily hiding chocolate in the pantry, teaching in church, trying my hand at testing new recipes, and planning adventures to go on with our family. 

We try to sneak in date nights whenever we can, but our favorite thing to do is to hang out on the couch together with some ice cream, while we watch The Office and laugh our heads off. Being married to your best friend is awesome.
That's our family in a nutshell!

We've had the BEST year, and we feel lucky as ever to be raising our boys in a place that we love. Sometimes we look around and say, "How did we get so lucky to have this life??" We are just so blessed.

Merry, Merry Christmas!

{Christmas photos by the talented Brittany Rossell Photography }


Here are some of our 2018 highlights! 
(Click below for photos)

Disneyland (here and here)
Exploring new trails in Kentucky (here and here)


FLORIDA 2018 {the last, best day.}

Our last day in Florida was, undoubtedly, the BEST day of the whole trip. The weather was suddenly perfect, the beach was incredible, the kids were happy...and it was just one of those days that makes you never want to leave.

Just the best.
^Love these little beach bums!^
But let me back up.

When we first woke up, it was actually pouring rain. The clouds were dark, there was a chilly breeze, and we thought it was going to be kind of a bummer beach day.

So we hung out in the condo for a bit, and then headed to a local donut place that had RAVE reviews. And holy smokes.

^Looking out at the stormy weather^
^"Hey mom. I have a moose-tache."
^It was not looking too promising^

^Can you hear the angels singing???^
^Just a liiiiitttlle bit messy. Haha^
^Oh, brothers.^
^The after pic.^
Seriously though--they were some of the best donuts we've ever had. My favorite ones were the coconut and the filled key lime pie, and Jordan's favorite was the chocolate caramel.

I will probably dream about those donuts for the rest of my life. haha.

But anyways! After a fun breakfast, we went back to the condo and went swimming! The indoor pool was amazing, and we swam every single day we were there. It was the kids' favorite!!
^It was such a game changer to be able to swim with all of the kids in the pool with us! Usually I'm off on the side with a baby. Haha. It was so fun this time!^
^He was loving it!^
^My little fishy Cam!^

Then, wouldn't you know it, after we got back from swimming, the weather had completely turned a corner. The sun was out, the temperature was rising, and the day was shaping up to be BEAUTIFUL.

We were so excited to finally have one of the warm, sunny beach days like we'd had in past Thanksgiving trips!! Hallelujah. We ate a quick snack, and headed down to the beach to spend the rest of the day.
^Blue skies & warm weather!!^
^Crazy Cammers!^
^always wanting to be buried haha^
^snack monster^

^He found a crab claw and thought it was the coolest thing ever!^
^"SHE- SHELLS, momma!"^
^My favorite scene.^
^Cutie patootie^
^A whole sand dollar!^
After a long, perfect day at the beach, we were all STARVING. We ended up at Gulf Coast Burger Co., which was super yummy. The giant potato wedge fries were delish!!

On our way there, Brighton crashed hard, He had a long day in the sun! haha. But luckily he woke up like a champ, and wolfed down about twelve big fries and a few mini corn dogs. The boy can eat!
^still waking up. cutest boy ever^
^So good!^
^He totally cheesed on command for this picture. The cutest!^
Such a great day.
The next day we woke up bright and early, packed up the car, and headed back to Kentucky.
It's always so hard to come back to reality after a beach trip!!
^He got a little stir crazy at the end of the drive. haha^
What an amazing trip.

Our Thanksgiving Beach trip tradition has quickly climbed its way to the top of my favorite things we do as a family.
I look forward to it every year, and so do the kids! 

This year was one of the best.

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