Great to be EIGHT.

I cannot believe we have an eight year old boy. I don't know why, but eight just seems so big to me!

I think a big part of it is because in our church, eight is a really special age. It's the age when boys and girls can choose to be baptized! Boston was so excited about his baptism, and it really was one of the most amazing and spiritual experiences our family has had together. (I will post more about the actual baptism day later!)

To make the experience extra special, we had our good friend Jes take some photos of Boston before his big day for his baptism announcements. They turned out SO CUTE. Here are some favorites!
^I can't wait to recreate this for his mission pictures in ten years. Already crying thinking about it.^
^Classic Boston. It's too bad he doesn't have much personality! haha^
^Sweetest boy^
^I'm the luckiest mom.^
We are so proud of Boston and the good choices he makes. He is kind, thoughtful, and he strives to follow Jesus Christ. I'm already amazed at the boy he's become in eight years, and I cannot even imagine how I'll feel in another ten when he's preparing to serve a mission. 

I just know he will do great things!

We love him so, so much. 

Thanks again for these photos, Jes!! 


new family photos {summer 2019}

I love having our family photos taken.

Okay, let me rephrase that: I love getting the photos BACK. Prepping for them/ actually taking them is usually kind of a circus, but I never, ever regret having them taken. It's so fun to look through past photos and see how our family has grown and changed over the years. I really love it!

So when I booked one of my favorite photographers (and friend!) Jes Childress to take some photos for Boston's baptism, we decided to make a day of it and do some family photos as well. And I'm so glad we did! (I'll post his baptism pictures later. They are the cutest.)

I was secretly seven weeks pregnant in these photos, and it's WILD to me that our next family photos will have another little family member in them. We are so excited!!
^hugging my little baby bump^

She snapped a few photos of our boys together, and my gosh. I love them I love them I love them.
I can't wait to find out if it will be a little brother or sister that will join their crazy pack!
^Heart eyes^
^sweetest line-up of my life^
Jes always snaps the best individual photos of the boys, too. 

I love seeing their little personalities shine when they're the only one in front of the camera! 
Also, they are all getting SO BIG. I honestly don't even know what's happening.

First up, Mr. Brights!

He's two, he is the boss, and he knows it. Haha! He loves trains, cars, his blankie and bear, his momma, Paw Patrol, strawberries, his cousin baby Beckham, look and find books, puppies, and his older brothers. He is the only kid I've ever had who will literally sit at the kitchen table and play by himself for hours. He will color or play cars, and just be content for ever (or until one of his brothers bugs him haha). 

He is the sweetest little bean, and I cannot wait to see him with our new baby. He will be the best big brother!
^Those big blue eyes!^
These next two of Brighton and Jordan just KILL ME. I think I cried actual tears when I saw them for the first time.
Watching a little boy with his dad is the sweetest thing in the universe!
^Brb, crying my eyes out.^
Next up, we have the the Holland Beckster Burger! (my poor kids have the weirdest nicknames.)

Holland is four, and he is the craziest monkey ever. He is constantly making us laugh, and he has definitely learned how to hold his own with the older boys. Holland loves puzzles, PJ Masks, ice cream, playing hide and seek, cheeseburgers (with no pickles or onions, please), hanging out with his best bud from church, catching bugs, and swimming. He also loves knock-knock jokes, and his latest was this: "Knock Knock." "Who's there?" "Banana." "Banana who?" "Ahhhh don't look at me banana, I'm naked!" hahahaha.

He will start full day preschool on Thursday, and he absolutely cannot wait. I love him!
Next up is our sweet Camden boy. He is the smartest, silliest six year old I know. I always tell him how excited I am to see what he does when he grows up, because he is seriously so creative and patient with problem solving. Camden loves legos, making up funny riddles, art, naan bread with curry, Dog Man books, building scary haunted house forts in the basement, cotton candy, jumping on the tramp with the sprinkler underneath, and watching Studio C videos. 

Camden is such a special boy, and I am so happy he's in our family. Life would be so boring without him!!
^But like, why is he 12 here??^
Last but not least, we have Boston Emery. He just turned eight, and I can hardly believe it. I swear he was just born!!

Boston has grown up so much this summer. He just started second grade, and he is loving it so far. Boston is obsessed with all things sports (right now its golf and basketball), Harry Potter, music, mashed potatoes, playing with his friends, reading (especially mysteries or fact books), beat-boxing, watching sports on tv with his dad, riding his bike, cub scouts, chips & salsa, and school.

He is the best leader of our pack of boys.
^this child. haha!^
^He's so big^

Daddy + the boys.
^Boston's face. Haha^
Mom + the boys.
I always love when a photographer makes it a priority to get a few photos of just the mom and dad. I feel like it's so often to get lost in the mix of the crazy kiddos, and it's so nice to remember where it all began. 
^I like him A LOT^

Thanks for taking these photos for us, Jes! We love them.

We feel so happy and lucky to have this sweet (growing!) family. Never in a million years did I imagine my life being this chaotic, and never in a zillion years did I imagine it would be this GOOD.