Time goes so fast.

Here's the thing. 
Whenever we have a long weekend, it just makes me want a longer one.
It is never enough!!
Does anyone else experience this?
I guess I'm just greedy, 
but it is sooo nice spending an extra day with Jord and Boston. 
 I'm kind of obsessed with those two. 
Speaking of 'two,' I can't believe I can almost say 'three!'
Little baby number two will be here in 11 weeks. 
It is blowing my mind.
I can't wait to see what his little squishy self looks like. 
I can't waaaaiiiiit.
I do know one thing already...
if he is anything like Boston, 
he will have me wrapped around his finger in no time.

Boston's newest obsession? Drawing. Constantly. I am loving it!

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  1. He is coloring? When did he turn into a little man? He is so big and so cute.