Lets have a drum roll please...

 Well, some of you guessed it...

we are moving to 

Brussels, Belgium!

This is such an AMAZING opportunity for us, 
and we are thrilled!!

Jordan will be working with an NGO
(non-governmental organization)
that deals with human rights issues like trafficking.
He would love to end up doing something like this for his career,
and so this opportunity couldn't be a better fit. 
And what a better place to have this opportunity
than in the heart of Europe??

I mean, look at this.

The flower festival in the center of Brussels. I love this!

We cannot wait to live in Brussels-
it has a perfect location right in the center of Europe.

One hour to Paris.
Two hours to London.
Three hours to Frankfurt.

I think I may be in heaven!!
I am already mapping out our travel for the weekends.

A quaint little cafe in Brugge, Belgium.

Also, I would be lying to you if I said 
I wasn't excited about the food.
 Belgium is most famous for their 
 a) Belgian Waffles, of course
b) Frites (fries)
c) Chocolate
d) Beer.

With exception to the last one... 
I am pumped!
I may or may not come back weighing 900 pounds.

Look at the size of these. Are you kidding me??

We are so excited for this move.
We are feeling extremely blessed!!


  1. Way to go Jordan!! This is so exciting and I'm so jealous!

  2. So my Dad served his mission in Belgium, and I have been there before as well. It is amazing! You will die for the waffles, and you have to get La Frites with the Special Sauce ;) haha What a fun adventure for you guys!

  3. I was TOTALLY going to guess Belgium, but then everyone was guessing France, and so I chickened out. :) I am SO jealous! I hope you take 482 million pictures. How long do you guys plan on staying there, then? Poor Idaho is missing out. And, lastly, DANG. Those are HUGE waffles.

  4. How about we go to all of those places when I come to visit too!
    Great idea folks, great idea.

  5. That is so awesome! My cousin served his mission there and I know that it's a beautiful place :) I wish my life was as adventurous as yours! Do you mind if I just live vicariously through you and your blog?!