Pickle face!

When we took a trip down to Utah,
we stopped at a yummy burger place with Jord's family.
(I will put more pictures of the rest of our visit later!)

I was sharing my food with Boston,
and decided to see how he would react to a pickle.
Mean mom award, I know! 
You just have to watch this-
his face is priceless!!

Watch how his sour face changes when I give him a piece of fry at the end.
I laugh every time I watch this!


  1. HAHAHA so cute so cute so cute! i love after eats the fry and looks at you and is like..HEY!THANKS MOM! haha so cute. i'm so glad you play with your baby like this, because I'm pretty sure I'll be your momming twin once I have babies. very good.

  2. That's so funny haha! I love it. I also love his hat!

  3. Oh, I'm dying! I had to show Chuck, too, so he could enjoy the hilarity as well :) SO STINKING CUTE! He is getting so insanely big! He'll be driving next month, I'm pretty sure!