Five years!

We took a trip down to Utah last weekend
for our 5 year class reunion.

What a weird experience.

Jord and I graduated together, so its fun that we know all of the same people,
but I think class reunions are just destined to be a little awkward.

We had a HUGE senior class 
(like 600 people)
so there were a lot of people at the reunion that we didn't even know!
But luckily we managed to find some of our good high school friends,
and it turned in to a super fun night.

Clockwise from top: Heather & Kevin with baby Henry, Kelly joining us, Mark and Cadence, and Jord with the chubbers.

We got to hang out a lot with our friend Heather and her fam,
and they were a riot!
(Hey all you crafty people, check out Heather's amazing blog, here! The girl is so talented.)

We had a ton of fun watching Heather's baby interact with our little guy.
Poor Henry seemed overwhelmed by the sheer size of Boston.
Lets face it, our boy is a tank!
Here are my attempts to get a picture with the two of them:

Boston had fun playing with someone his size.
Henry showed Boston how to eat a stick,
and after that they were best pals!

We also got to hang out a bit with our good friends
 Tyrell, Riley (and their cute wives), and Jake!
It was so fun to see them and catch up.

Overall reunion verdict:
I don't think we would choose to go to one every day,
but it was worth some awkwardness 
to see some good friends! 

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  1. Ha ha this is all true, but we're glad we went! At least just to see you guys and have our babies meet.