Last one... I swear!

I pinky swear that this is that last post you will have to
endure about our trip down to Utah.
I just took a billion pictures, so I had to post them
so the grandparents wouldn't be too upset. :-)

On our short trip we got to spend a tiny bit of time 
(really though, like five minutes before we headed in separate directions again)
with half of my family.

Boston loves Grandma G.
And she spoils him juuuuuuuusst a little bit.

We also got to hang out with Whit and Tann a bit.
I can't believe how old my siblings are suddenly!!
I swear they were just in diapeys. :-)
But now they are all big-
and they are a couple of heart breakers!

We also got to see aunt Jordan.
Love that lady!
(and she just ran a 5k...whoop whoop Jord!)

I would definitely say it was a successful trip.
Family is the greatest.
Ok, no more pictures of Utah stuff now --promise.
Time to blog about others fun things...
I have a LOT of catching up to do! 

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  1. haha thank you for too kindly giving reference to my 5k! haha hopefully my next close up face picture with you and bost will be a little less chubster because of it