mr. potato head

Boston's new favorite foods, you ask?
Mashed potatoes.
and mashed potatoes.
and moooorrre mashed potatoes.
We gave him a bowl full the other day,
and he literally licked the bowl clean.

He was covered from head to toe by the time he was finished.
I was finding potatoes in his chubby creases for days!
(Just kidding, I promise we bathe our child...)

I love that he got a full-on Santa beard from the potatoes.
We were cracking up!
I'm so relieved that he loves potatoes as much as he does,
because after all, he was born in Idaho--
the land of the spuds!
We just might be kicked out of the state if he didn't like them.
(...and would that really be such a bad thing? Oh whoops, did I just say that?)

Messy face or not, 
he is pretty stinkin' cute.

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  1. Are those teeth that are starting to come in??!! he is that big already??!!