work paaaaarrrttyy.

Since it was the end of the semester, 
Jord's work decided to throw a little party at the bowling lanes.
It was a lot of fun!
It was fun to chat with people that Jord works with,
and Boston was completely entertained with the whole bowling idea.

Just look at that face.
Boston was completely mesmerized!
He only got slightly upset
(and possibly started screaming)
when everyone cheered loud and crazy for a strike.
But other than that, he had a ball!

Jordan just got a new hilarious boss, and he decided that
this bowling party should also include a white elephant gift exchange.
If you haven't heard of white elephant parties, well first off,
I don't know how that is possible. 
But if you haven't, its a game where you basically buy the most 
terrible, ridiculous gifts you can find, and then give them to other people.
It is a hoot!

This party had some of the best white elephant gifts I have seen in a while.
Some gifts that were given included:
a giant fly swatter
chaffing cream
a trish and garth clock
a sham-wow

There were some good ones! 
Jord ended up with VHS tapes of Taebo and abs of steel,
in a Victoria Secret bag, no less.
I got a beautifully nasty bronze statue of a rooster.

See that nappy hand-crocheted Indian chief doll?
Yep, we were the generous givers of that gift.
(Thank you D.I.!)

Work parties are usually so-so,
but this one was a blast!
We had a lot of fun bowling and swapping trashy gifts.
Fun times!


  1. That looks like a blast! Wish we could have been there! Glad you guys had fun!

  2. I've seen people spray paint hideous/scary things and turn them into really cute/classy things. . . perhaps your rooster friend doesn't have to be so very nasty. . . ? Perhaps? :)

  3. you look cute, as usual these days.