Aunt Syd and Grandpa Chub: part dos!

While Syd and my dad were here, 
we had to take them to our favorite restaurant in Rexburg: Thai Village!
We loooove that place, so we go there every chance we get.
It looks a little sketchy, so I think they were a little worried when we first walked in.
But the second the Tom Khai Gai soup came out, 
they were hooked!
(and if you haven't tried that soup...do yourself a favor and try it!! You will LOVE it.)

Boston is in the phase where everything is a phone, so my dad was "calling" him on his credit card. So cute!

After eating waaaaay to much Thai food, 
we decided to hit up Fat Cats for some bowling.
Boston was having a blast rocking out to the music and pointing at all the bowling balls.
It was like all of his favorite things in one place:
music, colorful bowling balls, tons of attention on him...
just throw in a sippy cup of yoo-hoo and a handful of marshmallows,
and it would have been his perfect baby paradise.

We decided to bust out the bowling ball helper and let Bost give it a try!
He wasn't quite sure what to think,
but we sure had a blast helping him!

I love the last one. "Oh" faces all around!
I was kind of an idiot and forgot to bring socks or shoes for Boston,
so I pulled out my back-up pair of bowling socks
and put them on him!
The poor child.
When he finds out I put him in giant ladies Christmas socks as a baby
he is never going to forgive me. Oh well! 

We had SUCH a blast with you, Syd and Dad!!
Thanks for coming to visit!
We can't wait to see you guys again soon.

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