txtn with bost.

It has been a while since we have done a guest post from The Daddy Diaries,
so I thought I would put one up for your enjoyment!
What can I say, I think my husband is pretty dang funny.


I know this makes me an official make-your-kids-and-wife-roll-their-eyes dad now, but I think it's time for a 'The Younger Generation and Technology' rant.

Bost already knows how to slide open a cell phone and call and send bizarre text messages to random people from our contact lists (He sent 'Mikikawa' to his babysitter the other day).  He conveniently selects people that we haven't talked to for years then hands the phone to us for an awkward, impromptu conversation.

He also can slide through pictures on my iPod touch and turn the Blu-Ray player on and eject the disk.

When I was one I played with rocks and sticks; marveled at the technology behind an etch-a-sketch or magna-doodle; and had matchbox cars.  Bost has a toy laptop and cellphone.

I would say something along the lines of 'What is this world coming to?' or 'When I was in school I walked uphill both ways' but to keep up with the hip lingo of the rising generation:

WTF (Why The Face?)

Here are some pics of Bost texting on Kels' cell phone


And for old times' sake, some hey girl pictures as well. (See some more here.)


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