pavillion park.

We live within walking distance to probably five parks, and I love it! 
It is so nice to get out of our apartment 
(sans air conditioning...bleh!)
and walk to a park where Boston can get out and play.

Our favorite one is a little run down park down the street.
It is shady and cute, and we are usually the only ones there.
We have lovingly nicknamed it "pavillion park,"
(I know I know, we are super creative over here)
and we go there all the time.

Boston is loving the slide and swings these days.
He is getting to the stage where he wants to do EVERYTHING by himself,
and it is really freaking me out.
Do I really have an independent one year old already??

I love the awesome handmade tire swings.
Aren't they cool?
Its only slightly scary when you sit down in them and hope 
that they don't snap under your weight.
So far, so good!

I also love my cute little bug.
I think he is my favorite thing ever.

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