Botanical Gardens park.

Just down the road a bit from our apartment is a beautiful little park.
I decided to venture out and take Boston there to run around and get his wiggles out one day...
because we all know how a one year old with wiggles can be--
especially stuck in a tiny European-sized apartment.
The park apparently has a botanical green house in it somewhere,
(hence...the name of the park)
but Bost and I just walked around and enjoyed the outside air..
because we [possibly] couldn't exactly find the greenhouse. 
Oh well, it was a beautiful place anyways!
The park is smack dab in the middle of the city, and it was a breath of fresh air to be there.

I am kind of obsessed with my cute little Boston man...
so here are about a zillion pictures of him!
(...at least the grandmas will enjoy it?)

Welp, I think that was like 2 pictures of the park, and 38 of Boston.
Maybe I should re-name this blog post.
Oh well!

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  1. woman, i can't believe how big boston is looking!!!!! and is the bottom of your hair blonde??