Brugge: The canal tour!

Brugge is a city built around miles and miles of gorgeous canals.
We decided that a canal cruise would be the perfect way to end our day trip to the pretty city,
and we are SO glad that we did it!
The weather was perfect, and the views were incredible.

Don't mind my sweaty nastiness...it was a long day in the sun.

Boston made friends with a cute little French lady on our boat.
She was so patient to put up with him grabbing at her legs and babbling to her every five seconds.
Its a good thing he is so cute...
so that when he starts throwing goldfish at people they don't seem to mind as much!

Oh, and did I mention that our boat's tour guide had the sweetest mustache I have ever seen?
 Jord slyly got a picture of him stroking it in the rearview mirror.
Isn't it awesome??

After we finished up the canal tour, we hit up a good ol' American classic for dinner: Pizza Hut!
It tasted just like home, 
but I think the view from our table definitely trumps the view from the Pizza Hut window in Rexburg.
Don't you agree?

After dinner we walked through the city just as the sun was setting,
and made our way back to the train station.
 We were sad to leave Brugge, 
but it just made us more excited for the cities we would see next.

Thank you for the amazing day, Brugge.
It was perfect.


  1. Your photos are beautiful! (Came here by way of NieNie on Blogher.) :)

  2. So Kels.... is your place in Brussels big enough for a few more people?! Cuz I'm dying to come visit you guys and these beautiful cities after seeing all your pictures! haha I am seriously so jealous! My husband works for an airline and we can get super cheap tickets to Europe... maybe one day we'll actually go and I can just use your blog as a tour guide of places to go see! You seriously have the cutest little family. I think that I secretly live through your blog... I show your posts to my husband all the time and tell him how jealous I am of how exciting your life is! haha

  3. Dang girl, you are livin' the LIFE! What an incredible adventure! Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous pictures!