Brugge: Tour by bicycle.

We decided to rent bikes for the afternoon that we were in Brugge, and we absolutely loved it.
It was such a great way to explore the city!
We stuck Boston in the baby seat on the back of Jord's bike, and he was loving it.
It was such a nice change from being in strapped into the stroller or on a train... 
 he was having the time of his life!

We cruised wobbled around the city center for a while,
(It takes a second to remember how to ride a bike...especially on cobblestone streets!)
 and then we rode out to a small village outside of Brugge called Damme.
(Pronounced Da-may...not like the bad word, you guys!)
We passed windmills, beautiful little cottages, and green rolling fields as we rode out of the city.
It was such a pretty ride!

In Damme we found a beautiful old cathedral with an amazing green courtyard--
I was kind of obsessed!! 
It was so hard to not take pictures of every angle of the place.
I loved it.


Our poor little man was so tuckered out from our busy day
that he fell asleep on the ride.
Look how precious he is.
Don't you just want to squish those cheeks??

Another favorite.

Um, can we live here please?

After a fun afternoon of riding, we turned in our bikes 
and headed to the famous Belfry courtyard to rest for a bit and listen to the beautiful bells.
...and to eat some YUMMY croissants.
(hello buttery, flaky goodness...get in my belly!)

If you are ever in Brugge, I would highly recommend renting bikes for a few hours 
to see more of the city and countryside!
We love love loooooveed it.

Stay tuned for the last bits of Brugge
(our canal cruise!)
coming up next!!

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