"Manneken Pis"

The iconic thing to see while in Brussels is the famous statue called the "Manneken Pis"...
which literally translates to "little man pee."
I know, I know--
of all the things to see in Belgium... and this one is the most famous??
You have to admit, though, it's pretty funny.

It is the symbol of Brussels, so anytime that a dignitary visits from another country, 
they bring the little guy a costume. 
The costumes are changed almost every day, and he literally has hundreds of them.
We were there on the day that he was sporting a Mexican uniform.
Viva la Mexico!

We literally had to push through a swarm of tourists to get some good photos.
Who knew the "little man pee" would be so popular??

The whole street the statue is on is brimming with shops of touristy goodness...
like giant Belgian waffle stands and chocolate shops.
My mouth is watering just thinking about how that street smelled!

I had to get a picture by this giant, chocolate version of the Manneken Pis eating a Belgian waffle.
What could be more Patriotic??

Cool street, cool statue, good day!

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  1. I remember those waffles - so yummy!! What a fun adventure you will never forget! We wish we were there with you.