Brussels Park and the Royal Palace.

Have I mentioned that I love living here?
Because I reaaallllllyyy do!
We skyped with my family the other night and my dad asked 
if I ever get bored while Jordan is at work all day.
I didn't even hesitate to say no, because I get to explore and find new things every single day...
and it's kind of my favorite thing ever.

One night after Jord got off work, we decided to walk up to the Royal Palace.
It was enormous!

Bost doesn't usually get what all of the hype is about.
"Uh, guys? It's just another boring building. Now lets go find some biiirrrddss!!"

On our way home, we wandered through Brussels Park.
Jordan walks past this park every day on his way to work, and it is so green and pretty.
The day we went through it, 
they had some awesome displays of the city's culture around the park.

#1: A giant Brussel Sprout. Clever!
(...being delivered by a stork? I don't get it either)

#2: Belgian frites!!
These are the most delicious fries you will ever taste in your life.
(I will put pictures up of our first frite-tasting experience in Brugge later!)

#3: My favorite...Belgian chocolate! 
As if chocolate wasn't already my weakness...
I move to the place where it is the best in the world.
Bad idea for my "eating fresh and healthy" plan.
(oh wait...did I ever have a plan like that?)

#4: And of course... Belgian beer!
These people loooooove them some brewskies.
It makes things a little awkward when Jord's coworkers are swapping hangover stories after the weekend...
and he can only chime in with "I got a tummy ache from drinking too much apple juice"...
but hey- no biggie!
We would like to actually remember our trip,
and not try to recall things in a foggy drunken haze. 
Sound good?

Bost was loving the park.
 It felt just like our walks back home!
The weather was perfect, and the place was too.

Favorite moment.

See why I never get bored?


  1. Yes, indeed I do. Also, I'm loving your pictures! You have such creative angles and stuff. Luff. Keep it up! Oh, and if you don't bring me back some chocolate, we are no longer friends. Just sayin'. ;)

  2. Bost looks about 2 yrs old in these pictures!!!! Make him stop growing up soooo fast!! I love the gorgeous pictures! Miss you guys!