The Netherlands: Amsterdam!

We were able to take a weekend trip to the Netherlands a couple of weekends ago, 
and we absolutely loved it!!
Holland is such a beautiful place. 
Our first day we spent entirely in Amsterdam--
exploring the stunning canal views, wandering the cobblestone streets, 
and dodging a zillion cyclists...
but really.
It is such a biking city!! 
You always hear that about the Netherlands, but you don't realize how many people use bikes
as their main mode of transportation...like pretty much everyone.

Boston was a good sport on the train ride from Brussels to Amsterdam.
He was probably thinking,
"It's like a car ride...but I can run around! Sweeeeet!"

This is what we saw when we got off the train.
A four-level parking garage...
for BIKES.
Is that awesome or what??

After a quick stop at Mickey-D's for lunch, 
(Bless you, America, for sending McDonalds to every country in the world)
we started exploring the city by heading to Amsterdam's main square.

Weird moment of our day...
we encountered this guy in the main square.
He tied bread all over his head and let the pidgeons attack him.
Uhhh, okay?

We browsed through a book flea market,
tried our hand at haggling,
and snagged a cute French fairy tale for Boston's collection.

I cannot tell you how many stinky cheese shops we walked past.
The cheese looked awesome...
but seriously smelled like death.

The house boats that lined the canals were TO DIE FOR.
They were the cutest things I have ever seen.
I decided that I want one when we retire in a hundred years.

We found Jord's name... kind of.
Whoop whoop!

We were so lucky to be able to go through the Anne Frank house.
It was one of the most touching things I have ever seen.
Ever since I read the book, so I have always wanted to go to her house.
As I walked through, I just couldn't believe I was actually where she was.
It was incredible.

The line was just a tiiiiinsy bit long,
but it was definitely worth the wait!

We weren't allowed to take photos in the actual house,
but take my word for it--
It is incredible.
If you ever get the chance, GO!

After the Anne Frank house, we spent hours wandering the canals.
Amsterdam is such a beautiful city.

We had to get a picture by the Amsterdam sign.
Its classic!

(How cute are these two boys??)

We took a snack/ rest our legs/ let Bost run around and sit in mud break.
Those kind of breaks are definitely a necessity when traveling with a one year old!
Of course Boston found a basketball court within 30 seconds of sitting down...
and tried to join the game like it was no big deal.
I have said it once, I will say it again--
The kid is OBSESSED with any kind of ball.

Could he be any cuter?

Hey, guess who I found in Amsterdam?
Okay, embarrassing moment of the trip:
As soon as I got a glimpse of him (his fake wax self) in the window,
I screamed to Jord "IT'S EDWARD PATTINSON!!"
(do you love how I combined his fake name with his real one?? wow.)
and started booking it towards him.
Not the proudest moment of my life. 

Then we ventured over to the "Red Light District" for a quick photo opp.
Don't worry, it was still the middle of the day...
so nothing scandalous was going down.
We felt pretty rebellious walking through it, though!

After a yummy dinner of the most authentic food in Holland..
cough cough...Shanghai Chinese noodle restaurant...
(It looked good. So sue us.)
we hopped on train to Rotterdam to crash at our hotel for the night.

Me: "Hey Jord, do something funny for a picture!"
Jord: "Why do you always make me do this."
(He loves me.)

I love this little family of mine.

We had a great day in Amsterdam,
and couldn't wait for the next day of our trip!
Stay tuned for pictures of Delft and Kinderdijk, coming up next!


  1. girl! i LOVE all of these! for reals though! the last picture needs to be made into a canvas and put in your house for all of the world to see!

    and boston looks so stinking cute in his little owl hat!

    and you are looking so trendy in your red jeans and cute boots and stuff.
    next time I want to come to amsterdam with you!

    love you guys!

  2. Beautiful pictures and Boston helps out as well :) I loved Amsterdam and you are definitely making me want to go back! Kinderdijk was also another fave. Such a beautiful place. Love seeing your adjentures

  3. I freakin' love the 'lovie' tied to his stroller. Genius, I say! GENIUS!