The Netherlands: Delft!

On our second day in the Netherlands, we hopped on a train to the quaint little city of Delft.
It was so beautiful!
Delft is where they make the famous white and blue "Delft china,"
so I couldn't wait to grab a pretty souveneir! 
The town itself was less touristy then Amsterdam, which was nice.
The streets were quiet, the sun was out, and it was a perfect day to explore!


We happened to be there on a day when there was a GIANT antique market 
going on along the canal.
It was so fun to browse the booths and get a taste of the culture.
We had a lot of fun strolling along the streets and listening to people barter.

After the antique market, we made our way into the city center.
There was some kind of festival going on, 
so music was playing and the square was set up with all sorts of booths.
Boston was loving it!
He kept pointing at everything, running around, and stopping to jam periodically squat to the music.

So this next series of pictures went like this:

Me: Oohh! Some cute Holland shoes! Lets Get Boston's picture in them.
Bost: Seriously? No more pictures mom.

Bost: For real, guys! One more cheesy picture, and I'm on the next train outta here...

(five seconds later)
Bost:... Oh hey, music!

I love that kid.
And the city center of Delft.
Isn't it stunning??

We took a quick lunch break at an American classic...Subway!
Why does trashy American fast food always taste like a million bucks in a foreign country??
(side note...notice the awesome chips that came with my meal)

We were only able to spend a few hours there, 
but we loved our visit to Delft!
Next we ran off to catch a train...then a ferry...then smaller ferry
 to the beautiful windmills at Kinderdijk!
(Stay tuned for pictures!)

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  1. Dude. If I had to park along the canal I would fall in. And they would kick me out of the city. The end.