The streets of Brussels.

Every day when I step outside I feel like I am in a dream.
This place is incredible.
Our apartment here in Brussels is just minutes away from Grand Palace,
and the streets leading to it are absolutely breathtaking.
Pictures really don't do this place justice, but I will post a bunch anyways!

The beautiful Chapelle Notre Dame,
just a block away from our apartment.

Helllllooooo 6 different H&M's within 3 minutes of my house.....
I love you!!

I think Boston is just as excited as we are to be here,
but he isn't admiring the architecture or culture like us...
he is just obsessed with all of the pidgeons.
But seriously.

A glimpse of the side of Grand Palace...
(More pictures of Grand Palace coming later)

Helloooooo Belgian Chocolate.
Oh how I love you.

Annnnd, more birds!
(As he points and makes his puppy barking noise...maybe he's a little confused)

We live in such a charming city. 
It feels so magical.
I feel like I could stay here forever and be the happiest girl alive.
I am in love!!


  1. holy poonug Kels. SO AMAZING!!!

  2. I AM SO JEALOUS!! i want to be there so bad right now! love you and have so much fun!

  3. I hope you trip on a cobblestone, you BUM! ;) Just kidding! I just wish I could ride around in your back pocket and pretend I'm a cool person who has gone somewhere outside the country besides Canada. That doesn't really count, ya know. Have fun and be safe and bring me some chocolate. The end.

  4. GIRL I LOVE THESE! so much that i just used all caps. i love these! it looks so uber fantastic! please let me come visit somehow. and also i want to kiss bostons little chubby cheeks. love you guys!