Last bits of Utah...(I swear!!)

(I pinky promise this is the very last Utah post!!)
After we spent some time in Utah county, 
we headed down to St. George to spend  a week with my family.
We packed our car with our suitcases for the flight
(since we flew out of Vegas),
shoved Boston into his seat through a tiny crevas,
and we were on our way!

We did lost of fun/random things while we were there.
Exhibit A:
Grocery store modeling.
It's the next big thing!

We decided to take Boston to the splash pad, 
and he had a riot!
He was loving all of the cool waterfalls and fountains.

When the water hit the ground from the fountain, 
it made a slapping noise,
and he thought it was someone clapping!
He would be playing and suddenly stop to clap.
It was pretty hilarious!!

It was so nice to enjoy the warm weather and play in the water.
We always feel like we get a mini-vacation when we go to St. George--
because it is warm year-round!
It is kind of the best.

When we told my parents we would be coming to stay for a week,
they got excited and went a liiiiiitttlle overboard buying toys for Boston.
They literally bought him a shopping cart full...
they are nuts!!
You've gotta love first-time grandparents.
They bought him this mini swimming pool and filled it with plastic balls--
Boston was in HEAVEN!
He sat and played in that thing for hours.

One night my mom made her yummy peach dessert for us.
Um hello, I think I love it a little too much.
I may or may not have eaten it for breakfast...and dessert...and a midnight snack on several occasions.
Boston was loving it too,
and especially that grandma spoon fed him like a little prince!

My mom was sweet and offered to watch baby boy so that we could have a date night.
We went to Aladdin at Tuacahn,
and we loved it!
Even though we were sweaty messes by the time it was over,
(it is an outdoor amphitheater...in the 103 nighttime heat...you get the idea)
we had a ton of fun!

The next day we hit up one of my favorite lunch places in St. George, 25 Main.
I absolutely looooove their paninis and cupcakes.

Boston was loving the cupcakes too!
He was stretching his fork as far as possible to snatch bites of cupcakes on the table.
The boy knows what he wants!!

Before we all took off in different directions
(us to Belgium, and Syd to St. Pete's),
my dad treated us all to our favorite place for dinner-- Benja's Thai food & Sushi.
I think you know by now how much I love Thai food--
or any food, for that matter! 
But this place is goooood.


We had a blast in St. George soaking up the sun, 
hanging out with family,
eating yummy food, 
and doing last-minute-cram-packing before we left.
(ok, so we didn't love the packing so much)

We drove down to Vegas to stay the night before our early morning flight the next day.
We had to stop at In-N-Out for a good ol' American hamburger and fries...
(the last ones that we would have for a while!)
and then we called it a night.

We were kind of freaking out that last night in Vegas.
Packing and re-packing our suitcases.
Making sure we had everything.
Hoping we wouldn't sleep through our alarms in the morning.
(set for 4:15 AM...oye!)
And just praying that everything would go smoothly.
We couldn't believe that in less than 24 hours, 
we would actually be in Belgium.

(Stay tuned for pictures of our adventures in Brussels...coming up next!)

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