Brighton's blessing day!

A few weeks ago, we hopped on a plane and headed to Utah for my sister's wedding! 

(And when I say "hopped," I mean we wrangled our four little children onto the plane and strapped them down for several hours, barely survived the delay on the layover, and arrived in Utah in an overwhelming pile of suitcases, snack baggies, and sweat...but more on that later. Haha! #flyingwithkids #puremadness)

We crammed about three months of activities into ONE WEEK of pure chaos and family fun, and it was awesome. And exhausting. But mostly awesome! Events included wedding prep for my sister's wedding, the bachelor and bachelorette party, wedding luncheon, the actual wedding, the reception, my mom's 50th birthday, a retirement luncheon for my grandma, Brighton's LDS baby blessing, a baby shower for me and Brighton, Easter and all of its festivities.....yeah. IT WAS CRAZY. Haha! But it was time spent well, and we will never forget the fun memories we made with our families. 

I'll blog about all of the fun things we did as quick as I can, because man, did I take a lot of pictures!! 

First up, Brighton's baby blessing!


We blessed our sweet boy on a warm Wednesday night with our closest family at the church, and it was such a special event. We had a simple program where Boston gave the sweetest opening prayer, we sang a couple of hymns, and then Jordan gave Brighton a beautiful blessing. I cried through the whole thing. Because hi, I'm a mom. And that's what we do.

Each time I listen to Jordan bless one of our babies, I'm reminded of what an incredible father he is, and what a privilege we have to be parents to our sweet kiddos. Each of them is so unique and precious, and we feel so lucky to be raising them. Babies are just such gifts from Heavenly Father.

^Hashtag, real life.^
^Smooshing Aunt Syd with loves!^
^This boy and his daddy!! Heart eye emojis all around^
^So handsome for his big day^
^The men in the circle^
^Brighton's Great Grandparents^
^Saddest baby! But still so adorable.^
^We have such great families!!^
^Tuckered out.^
We loved celebrating our Brighton boy with family! It was such a fun evening.

Another day, my sweet mother-in-law threw me a baby shower for Brighton! It was so darling, and I felt waaaaaay too spoiled the whole time! She was so nice to do that for us. Here are a few photos!
^Whit and my mom, loving on baby!^
^Such an angel boy.^

^My cute roommates from BYU! Love you, Ash and Rach!^

We love our Brighton James SO much. 
It was so fun celebrating him in Utah with family! 
Babies are just the best.

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