Happy 50th birthday, Mom!

While we we were in Utah for my sister's wedding, my mom turned the big 5-0!! We were so glad we could be there to party with her. 

She is the spunkiest, happiest, craziest 50 year old I know, and my kiddos are lucky to have her as a grandma! (All of their grandparents really are just GOLD. Such good ones!!) 

We kept asking my mom what she wanted for her birthday, and she would say "Are you crazy?? I have everything right here!" as she squished the kiddos into a big hug. It was pretty cute.

We surprised her on her birthday morning with a giant donut cake, and I think the kids probably ate ten times more than she did. Haha! But hey, who can blame them for wanting cake for breakfast?? 

It's kind of the best. And so are grandmas!

That afternoon, we went to the park and had a big family party with my mom's parents, sisters, brother, and all of their kiddos. It was crazy, and it was so fun.

Everybody lined up with silly string, and my mom ran through the tunnel of arms-- and she came out totally covered in silly string. We were cracking up!
^Noise makers!!^
^My crazy uncle Travis, always killing everyone with his crazy antics! haha^
^Silly String line-up!^
Later on, we surprised her at her favorite restaurant for a fun dinner with just our immediate family. We had such a good time hanging out and chatting, and the kids did so good for being kept up waaaaaaay past their bedtime. (The two hour time change traveling to Utah is BRUTAL with little guys!)

We all ate too much food, laughed a lot, and had a great night celebrating a great lady.
^The fam! (Minus my baby sister Whit who was at college)^
^The cute almost newlyweds^

Happy birthday, Mom! 

We're so glad we were in Utah to celebrate with you. 

We love you!! 

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