Tioga Falls

We went on the most beautiful hike the other day to Tioga Falls in Radcliff, Kentucky. Jordan had been gone for almost a week for work, and so we snatched him up to come with us! The trail was green and lush, and there was a gorgeous waterfall at the end to splash around in. The kids were such troopers too--they pretty much hiked the entire way without complaining! I love those boys.

And my gosh, we've lived in Kentucky for five years now, and I'm still not over it. It is just so pretty!! (I could definitely live without the sweltering summer humidity, though. Haha!)

There is a railroad track you have to cross to get to the falls (about half way through the trail), and the kids thought it was so cool! It was such a perfect place to look at the view and catch our breath.

Also, I wore sandals for this hike. What was I thinking?? Haha. #notoutdoorsy
^I mean, RAWR^

Then it was back to the trail! We saw so many cool trees, and the boys thought it was awesome when we found a big one that had been chopped down.

They were like, "Mom! Take a picture of us with this giant tree!"
^"Hey look! We cutted it down!"^

Then, we finally made it to the falls!!

And holy cow, they were so breathtaking.
^Building rock towers!^

At one point, Boston and Camden were exploring the pools of water under the falls, when Boston suddenly yelled, 

"GUYS! I found a lizard...with no legs!" 

We were like, "Uh, bud? That's called a snake."
And he was like 

"AHHHHH!" hahahaha.

^That face!! Holland, you are cute.^

After we splashed around for a while, we headed back down on the long trek to the car. By this point we were all STARVING, so it was a little rough. Haha.

But the kids were troopers, and held out until they got to a giant bag of pretzels at the end of the trail.
^Crazy tree face!^

^My little rag muffins. Exhausted, dirty, wet, hungry, and HAPPY.^
^My dirty Camden boy. haha^

It was SUCH a gorgeous hike with the family!

Kentucky, I love you. 

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