Utah county visit... and some hair pulling!

Hello guys! Here are a few pictures from our visit to Utah county a few weeks ago for our break! We lost our main camera, so we only have a few pictures... oh well! We loved spending time with family, and they loved playing with Boston!

Uncle Tanner meeting Boston for the first time!

I got to have lunch with my old roommates, and we had a blast! Here is a picture of me with Boston and Bre with her baby Daxton. They are one month apart- so fun!

I couldn't believe the size difference between these two even through they are just a month apart!! Boston is such a chunk!

This video cracks me up... Boston figured out how to pull his hair, but he doesn't know how to let go! It shouldn't make me laugh as much as it does. :-) Enjoy this little video where we caught him in the act!

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