Friday Night at the McMurtrey Residence

Just another typical, wild night at the McMurtrey house.  

Bost likes to give Lloyd Christmas kisses

Also, he's become such an attention hog that if you're not looking at him directly, he'll lean over, tap your leg or arm, smile, and say something that sounds strangely like, 'Hey' until you look at him.


  1. i love that you are updating your blog all the time now. I also love all these cute chunky pictures of boston. I want to kiss his cute face!

  2. I am in love with your new blog look! And your kid :) He's such a cutie, oh my goodness!

  3. What a cutie. I seriously love the picture of you kissing Boston's cheek and squishing the side of his face up! I still can't get over how chunky he is it is awesome.

  4. P.s. How funny that he leans over and tries to get your attention. That cracks me up. Do you do that a lot?