Smith park.

We took advantage of another beautiful day and headed to the park!  
This time, we went to Smith park-
the park right across the street from where Bost was born.

Check out Bost's belly in that first one... and my husband's guns!!  Ow ow!  :-)

It was so warm that Jord and Bost decided to sport shorts for the day.
Boston looked so big in shorts and real shoes!
He only has about 2 pairs of shoes that will fit his fat little feet,
so most of the time we just stick with the socks and call it good. :-)

Jord captured that dashing picture of me up top.  Its a beaut!

Bost loooooves being outside.
He just stares at everything and doesn't make a peep! 

We gave the slides a try again at this park,
and Bost still didn't know how he felt about it.  
I think it is still this whole "outside" business that weirds him out.
He is just used to the good old indoors. :-)

He did seem to like the swings a little more this time around,
so I think he is warming up slowly!

On another note, 
check out that wrist-chub!!
And that everywhere-else-chub for that matter.
It kills me!  
I just want to eat that kid up.

Ok, so maybe he didn't like the swings as much as we thought. 
Should I be worried?

We had such a fun day at Smith Park!  
Warm days like these make me SO excited for the summer!!
Bost is excited too.
He is working on his swimsuit bod.


  1. HAHAHAHA! Those pictures of him in the swing are crackin' me up! He's just, like, "Meh. Whatever. I'm just gonna dangle here." What a cutie!

  2. i get to see you guys in less than a week! wahoo wahoo wahoo! praise the heavens!
    also. you are a model mom woman in that last picture of you and bost. you are such a pretty mom!