My 9 month boy.

Little stinky man is 9 months today.
That is only 3 months away from being one year!!
How is that even possible?
I swear, life has been moving in light speed
ever since he was born.
Will time just stop for a second so I can soak him in-
just how he is right now?
Because before I know it, 
he will be a big scary teenager-
raiding the pantry and asking to borrow the car. 
So before all that happens, 
I will just love on him as much as possible.
I will squeeze his little cheekies
and kiss his belly.
I will read him elmo books
and let him have bites of my popsicle
and give me big slobbery kisses.
I will hold onto this time while he is little and chubby and mine, 
and try to stop him from ever 
growing up.
A photo from our recent trip to Boise.  I love that nakie bum!

1 comment:

  1. He is so adorable and you look awesome! I can't believe how much hair he has! What a cute kid! I know what you mean, I can't believe time is going by so fast, I just want to hug them and keep them small so they will want to hug me back and smile when I walk in the room.

    Also, what a cute naked bum picture! how come baby bums are so cute?!