Heaven is Here.

Do any of you read NieNie's blog?
If not, you should.
It will change your perspective on life.
It is uplifting and heartfelt, and shows the true joys 
that come with everyday motherhood.

{Nie Nie's beautiful family.}
Just a little while ago, NieNie released a book,
a memoir of her life story.
I literally read this book in one day.
I couldn't put it down!
I laughed and cried, and absolutely loved it.
It is a perfect read for any mother, 
or anyone else for that matter.
It touched my heart.

It reminded me of how grateful I am for my sweet family.
I am so blessed to have what I have!
I would encourage you to read this book
if you need some uplifting. 
You will love it.
It will help you remember what matters most in life.
{My family, October 2011}

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