a BBQ and a bounce house.

The other night we had a great big stake Bar-b-que at the park.
It was so fun to be outside eating grilled burgers with friends.
There isn't anything better in the summertime!!

The stake also provided a huge blow-up bounce toy,
and the all of little kids were loving it!
Boston was having a blast bouncing around.

Well, he was having a blast for the most part...
until a little girl decided to come over and flirt with him.
He was wary of the whole situation.
He hasn't quite grasped how to interact with little kids, and this girl was no exception.

Granted, her "flirting" mostly involved shoving Boston around
and attempting to rip off his shirt,
so I can see where he was coming from. 
It was pretty hillarious to watch their awkward encounter. Haha!

His face in the top right is classic. "Uh mom? Dad? What is she doing to me?"

It took him a minute,
but once he got over the overly-friendly-bounce-house-girl,
he was his happy self again. 

Highlights of the BBQ:

me: Eating giant, grilled, juicy burger. (I love fooooood)
Jord: Bravely rescuing Boston from the not-so-nice bounce house girl.
Bost: Getting to pet the largest "puppy" he had ever seen. 
(He was in heaven. He could have ridden the thing!)

I love fun nights like these ones. 
Can it be summer all year long, please?

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