monkey in a barrel.

As we got ready for our yard sale last week,
I decided to buy a giant bucket to fill with ice and drinks.
Little did I know, 
the bucket would soon be Boston's favorite toy.
He was obsessed!

Don't mind all the trash in the background... like I said...yard sale! :-)

He giggled when Jord spun him around again and again.
I love that he is so easily entertained!
He didn't even care when the bucket tipped over and he fell out-
he just wanted to get right back in again!

The boy is such a crack up.
When he noticed I was taking pictures of him in the bucket,
he thought he was in trouble.
Look at this face.
"Uh... it was all dad's idea. Promise!"

He's even got the pointing-blame-finger down! He's figured it out. :-)


  1. We put Matix in a box and he loved it. I love how baby's are so easily entertained. Are you going to miss doing Boston's hair?

  2. This is hilarious! Who knew you could spend a couple bucks on a bucket and have endless entertainment? Kids are so cute :)