Pregnant cravings.

Hey guys.
Sooo I have a zillion more pictures to put up of our little trip,
but I thought I would take a brief intermission to tell you this:

My pregnant food cravings are here in full force.
The first little bit of pregnancy is well, rough in the food department.
If you have ever been pregnant, you know that your diet in the first trimester 
pretty much consists of crackers, dry cereal, sprite, and toast.
(maybe even some plain mashed potatoes if you are feeling crazy.)

So you bet that I am singing hallelujah when I can finally eat normalish food again!
Then come the food cravings.
They just suddenly hit me!
Now here's the thing.
I crave things when I am not pregnant, 
Like "Oh, that sounds good! I really want that right now."
But being pregnant somehow amplifies the crave-meister in my body....
and turns it into
"IF I CAN'T HAVE [insert food item here] RIGHT NOW, I'M GOING TO DIE!!"
It becomes an obsession, people.
For real!

Has anyone else experienced this??
(Please tell me you have...so I can convince my husband 
I'm not the only crazy pregnant lady out there.)
So without further ado... I give you my current food cravings obsessions:

Tater tots.  
I am in the "frite" (fry) capital of Europe...but all I want is a big plate of crispy tater tots!
Seriously, I go to sleep dreaming about tater tots.
Pathetic? Yes.
Pregnant? Also yes.

(image source)

Fresh watermelon.
I'm pretty sure I could eat a bowl of it right now.

(image source)

Deviled eggs.
When I was pregnant with Boston, I couldn't even think about eggs without getting sick.
But now?
I may or may not have had two plates full of deviled eggs in two days. Whoops.

(image source)

Cafe Rio Pork Burrito.
Enchilada style. 
Mild sauce.
Pico on the side.
(Oh yeah...I have that order down.)

Lets be honest, though. 
Who doesn't crave these on a regular basis??

(image source)

Cherry-chocolate blizzards from Dairy Queen.
My mom craved these when she was pregnant with me, 
I craved them all the time with Boston, 
and now...
well, I could use one right this second.

(image source)

Pickle bites.
Don't knock this one until you try it...
I know it sounds weird, but just trust me.
It is good, people!
Pickles wrapped in cream cheese slathered ham?
Sign me up.

(image source)

Taco Amigo.
More specifically, a meat & bean burrito with red sauce...
a pile of fries, and of course, the pink sauce.

(image source)

A big, fat, juicy steak.
(with A1, of course)
I love me some MEAT!

(image source)

Well, there you have it, folks--
most of my crazy pregnant cravings (for the moment, at least). 
Oh by the way, we are flying home next week.
 So if you need to find me, 
I will be somewhere eating myself into a food coma. 

(P.S. Remember how I was pregnant with Boston once? 
Find my cravings from that pregnancy here.)


  1. okay i'll pretend that i'm pregnant if it gives me taco amigo right this instant.

  2. I don't get this way about food while i'm pregnant... But you're not the only crazy pregnant lady. I think we all just become our own flavor or crazy.
    Also, wahooo for flying back to the US! That should make it a little easier to find some of your food cravings. Now if you'll excuse me. I need to go order a cafe rio pork burrito enchilada style, black beans, mild sauce, no lettuce. Don't know where that craving came from.

  3. YAAAAAY! I'm so happy to have you home again soon! When I saw the Cafe Rio craving I though, "Uh oh. She can't get one of those!" but soon you will! Whew! P.S. the only thing I really craved during my first pregnancy was Sour Patch Kids. Weird. . . and SO not healthy. :)

  4. Oh those pregnancy cravings...with Mack pineapple, Gunnar diet coke and I hate diet coke, and hudson peanut butter. use to eat it out of the jar. Be safe coming home.

  5. Totally craved deviled eggs, fries, and streak too!

  6. Ha Ha! Loved these cravings!Blizzards,pebble ice,m/r steak,and a fruit bowl the size of China were my cravings!! So funny and so cruel at the same time!! Glad to say that help is on the way!! I have a menu lined out just for you when you arrive:) The only thing I can't help you with is Taco Amigo--but everything else is only days away! Cant wait to see you all:)