say cheese!

Sometimes, I feel bad that I am constantly shoving a camera in Boston's face.
I think he gets kind of sick of it.
The poor guy!
He is just trying to live in peace,
and Mom and Dad are always bugging him
with their obsessive and intrusive picture taking.
It definitely takes a team effort to get a good photo with him.
It is a struggle sometimes.

Exhibit A:

Check out those cute cheekies!
I have to hand it to him though.
Even though he is constantly being bombarded by cameras of all kinds, 
he is such a happy boy --
and he always gives us the cutest two-fanged smiles.
They melt my heart!!

I have figured out that sometimes I just need to bribe him for a good photo opp.
This is how our conversation went this time around:

me: Boston, will you please smile just for a quick sec?
Bost: mooooommmm not another picture!
me: please please please?
Bost: nope. No way mom. (tries to crawl away)
me: I'll let you run around with no pants on if you do...
Bost: Deal!

So there you have it.

You do what you have to do, I guess.
Especially if you get a cute picture or two of your little chubba in the process.

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  1. Kelsey, Can I just say You are beautiful! I love all the pictures you put up. You are such a cute mom. I love that picture of Boston on the bottom right:) he is such a cutie!