fat cats.

Has anyone else heard the commercials on the radio for Fat Cat's "summer of 99"?
Basically, everything during the week at Fat Cats is only 99 cents.
That's a good deal in my book!
We decided to hit it up one day before we left Rexburg,
and do all that we could for super cheap.

First up:
Glow in the dark mini golf-- pirate version, of course.

We pretty much had the whole thing to ourselves, and it was great!
Boston wasn't so sure of the dark golf course.
The whole black light idea was kind of creeping him out.

He clung onto that golf ball the whole time. We had to switch back and forth with just one. Haha!
Luckily the mini golf didn't last too long,
and we were out in daylight again soon so Boston could relax again.
We decided to hit up the arcade next,
(double tickets for 99 cents...saweeet)
and Boston was star struck by the Kermit the frog car ride.
It was pretty adorable!


I love how he keeps his hands so intently on the wheel like a good little driver.
He's the cutest.

He started freaking out when he saw a claw machine filled with colored balls.
Jord said "what the heck!" and gave it a shot--
and he got one on the first try!
When does that ever happen??
Bost was pumped!

We tried our best at ski-ball, the wheel of fortune, and basketball,
and came out with a measly 50 tickets.
Hey, at least we had fun, right?
We went and picked out a prize with our massive winnings--
another ball for Bost, of course.

Hey Fat Cats, 
thanks for having cheap activities for us!
You're the best.

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