Boston, the photographer.

Firstly, a few items in question. Such as, How is it Christmas in three days? And then, why do kids have to grow up? And thirdly, who ate all of that fudge in my kitchen? Oh wait. Never mind on that.

So really, though, back to the second one. And the part where my babies are getting WAY too big... like, at light speed. Camden is growing like a freaking weeeeed. Someone told me the other day that, "It looks like your boys are about the same age! Aren't they?" Which, on the one hand, for reals? One walks and talks and demands cheeseburgers, and the other rolls around and grunts. Soooo, yeah. She was a little off.

But on the other hand, I see where she was going with it. Because Camden is getting SO BIG. It makes my heart kind of burst when I think about it. It makes me so happy but sad at the same time. Bah, parenthood. Always bringing out the basket case in me.

And now, back to business. The other day I had my camera out, and Boston was like, "Momma! I take picture! Momma! My turn, Kay?" And I was hesitant, but then he was like, "I try onnnnnne minute. Wait my turn." and I couldn't resist. So I strapped that baby around his neck, and let him fly.

I've gotta say, I was pretty impressed with the results. I think he is quite the budding photographer, don't you?

(I have titled Boston's photos in the captions, as per his request.)

Titled "Angular messy corners of Junk"
"Creepy Mother Gothel"
"My Left Nostril: A Portrait"
"The YMCA: A Tribute"
"May Your days be Blurry and Bright"
"Hand Chub: An Insider's Guide"
"The Countdown"
"The Bleary Outside World"

And then I had to snap a couple of Boston. Because you can never have too many pictures of your kid. Or maybe the rest of you are like "Uh, yeah. You can. Stop with the kid photos already." 

But to you I say: Never. Because this is my blog. And well, YOLO!

I would probably die without this boy in my life.  
He is that good to me.


  1. cute. we just got my son a little camera and he has been on a picture taking spree

  2. those captions had me dying. no joke.