Kentucky in the summertime.

Ah, Kentucky. It has won over my heart...again. It is just SO GORGEOUS that I can't even handle it. I mean, I live here! The summers are just ridiculously lush and green (AND HUMID...but let's not talk about that)... and it's awesome. I kind of want to marry it. (don't tell Jord)

One night, we decided to ditch dinner and go to the park instead. We grabbed some Costco muffins & strawberries, and spent the most perfect evening outside. Jord and Boston worked on their golf technique, Cam and I worked on our chocolate-muffin-eating-technique (it's technical)... and it was basically glorious.

And now, pictures! Mostly of grass. And Camden. Because he's cute.

^^Neature walks^^
^^learning to walk. I LOVE THIS STAGE.^^
^^He posed like this for a good three minutes. I love him.^^

Hey Kentucky, youda' best.

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