A Summer Day (in February?!)

The other day it was 80 DEGREES. Eighty!!!!!!!! In mid-February. I know I've been constantly talking about the crazy warm Winter we've had in Kentucky this year, but guys. Seriously. We've been in KY for almost four years, and this has never happened. People always told us about the mild winters here, but we've usually just been dumped on with snow and frigid days anyways, so I kind of didn't believe them. But this year! This year has restored my faith in humanity and in the weather gods. It has just been SO AWESOME. It has literally only snowed one time, and it was pretty much just a small dusting that only stuck for two days. Which, if you ask me, is pretty much all the snow I need in a year! haha. I'm a warm-blooded creature, and so it thrills me to feel like I'm cheating winter.

It has been great (like in the sixties!), but when it hit 80 degrees, I was completely freaking out. We spent hours and hours outside, and it was glorious. The kids were in shorts, the sun was shining, and I just couldn't get enough! Here are some photos.
^Boston belly^
^Nothing is cuter than short shorts on Holland's pudgy legs!^
^Stick= gun. Everything is a weapon. Hashtag, life with boys.^
^Explorer Cam^
^Such a classic Boston face^
^I'm telling you...the shorts!! Oh man, I can't wait for summer.^
^38 weeks pregnant!^
^Sweet boy, just taking a rest. Melt my heart.^
^I spy Boston man!^
^Trying on momma's glasses. So glamorous.^
^Love these little men. (I promise Cam was having fun. Haha)^

After the boys were completely red-faced and worn out, we crammed onto a tiny blanket and ate goldfish crackers for a while. Camden said,

"Mom, dis is da greatest day in da world."

And I had to agree. It really was.

Okay, Spring and Summer, we are officially ready for you!
Bring on more days like this.

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