eating out and stuff.

I have a confession.
I think I have a slight obsession with going to eat at restaurants. 
There is something about eating food in a place other than your own kitchen that makes it, 
I don't know, more magical or something?
(Kind of like Disneyland!!)
The food just tastes better when someone else makes it.
You could totally order a PB&J at a restaurant and it would taste better 
than if you made it yourself at home.
Does anyone else experience this?
It's weird.

We don't eat out a ton,
but when we do, I get so excited.
It's like a fun field trip!!

The real fun part, though, is keeping Boston entertained.

Which we do pretty well, most of the time.
Buuuuut, he does have exceptional talent at throwing food on the ground...
and at the people next to us.
(Maybe he just wanted to offer them a soggy french fry appetizer??)

He is pretty stinking cute though.
As my sister Syd would say, 
"Frrreal though."

I love my baby boy.
And I love food.
Have I mentioned that before?
Just checking.
If anyone has a yummy recipe copycat for Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad, 

Oh and p.s....
We officially have a WALKING little boy as of a week or so ago.
Is that blowing your mind???
Because I am definitely freaking out a tiny bit.

He is getting huge so fast.
It is nuts!

I love to smoosh the little man's cheeks. 
Chubby cheek kisses are my favorite!

"Uh mom? You're in my bubble."

maybe not my VERY favorite.
This guy beats for sure.

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  1. Hey Kelsey! I have seen a copycat recipe of that Applebee's salad. Here is the link... I hope it works!


    By the way it was sad not seeing you guys at church today!