winding down.

We are officially moved out of our little apartment in Rexburg.
It was a few stressful days of moving,
(and some crazy moments... like leaving a closet full of clothes in our apartment and realizing it two days after we had already moved out...bah!) 
but we are fiiiiiiiinally done!
We are staying with family until we head off to Brussels, and it has already been so great.
It is so nice to have a break from homework and packing and stress, 
and just be able to hang out with family for a bit.
Yesterday I read a good book, took a nap, and played with the chubbers on the lawn.
Then me and Boston read about fifteen Elmo books, ate some PB&J's,
and listened to Jordan play songs on the piano.
(He is pretty dang good!)
I think Boston is enjoying this whole "kicking back" idea as much as we are!

Not having anything to do is the greatest.
I am trying to soak up these last couple weeks of summer before we go on our next adventure.
Time just goes too fast!

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