Brugge: A walk around the city.

Last weekend we decided to hop on a train and explore the city of Brugge, Belgium for a day.
I love the transportation system in Europe.
No cars, minimal hassle, and comfy rides for a pretty decent price!
We got on the train, and a short hour later we were getting off in the beautiful canal city of Brugge.

We wandered the streets in the quiet morning and tried to absorb how 
quaint and beautiful every single building was.
I tried to restrain myself from stopping to take a picture of every perfect window or sign or doorway...
but I still took waaaaay too many!!
(Like, so many that this day trip might be 2 or 3 posts...oops!)

Boston was sleepy from waking up so early to catch the train...poor little guy!
You can see him snuggling his "nigh-nigh" (one of my shirts that smells like me) in this picture.
It is the cutest thing ever that he does that...
even though it is kind of embarrassing that he is so much of a Momma's boy.
(Okay who am I kidding...I LOVE IT.)

It wasn't long before we found Market Square in the center of the city.
It was brimming with tourists and smelled like a mixture of fresh bread, frites, bad B.O., and fish.
You've gotta love Europe!!

Like I mentioned before
frites are kind of the thing to eat in Belgium.
(besides the Belgian waffles, of course)
When lunch time rolled around, we decided to hit up a little stand in Market Square
to try out our first frites....and wow...
were they good.

We also got some burgers...
but those were a different story.
(As in, we are pretty sure they weren't meat. Nast.)

The guy asked what kind of sauce we wanted for our frites, and I stupidly said,
"Uhh, fry sauce?"
Then he gave me a look, 
(you know, like "these blasted Americans know nothing")
and told me that they had 29 different types of fry sauce...
and I felt kind of like an idiot. Haha!

We ended up going with mayo, curry ketchup, and onions.

Boston was a huge fan.
He was putting down frites like there was no tomorrow!
I think he ate more than Jord did.
But really!

After we had eaten our weight in frites,
we set out to explore the city some more...
and take zillions more pictures.

...and Boston made some new friends.

What a cute little stinker.
He makes our adventures so much more fun!

Stay tuned for pictures of our bike ride through the countryside, and our canal tour...
coming up next!


  1. You know, I had the sudden burning desire to watch the movie "Chocolat" the other day and I couldn't figure out where it came from. Now I'm thinking that it's because I see all of the amazing buildings in your posts and it reminds me of that movie. I want to move there. The end.

  2. gurrrlfriend! i love these! i've been waiting for them for pretty much my whole life i think! and they are great! love you guys!

    ps. post the rest already! :)

  3. pretty sure I could live there. it is so quaint. love it!