Burt's Bees Baby: A photoshoot in the mountains!

This Summer, we just happened to be in the right place at the right time... and got invited to participate in a photo shoot with Burt's Bees Baby! It was so much fun. I was worried at how the boys would handle everything, but they seriously loved it. The photographers joked around and played with them while snapping pictures, and the kids had a blast. I honestly don't think they realized they were doing a photo shoot. They were just playing! It was so fun.

(Of course it didn't hurt that the photographers were Blue Lily Photography... a husband/wife team that are some of my favorites ever! I have a serious crush on them.)

Anyways. Here are some of the extra photos they sent my way after the shoot. (They kept most of them for advertising on their site.) I love all of them!

But really. I am basically dying from the cuteness.

^^I mean seriously.^^
^^BAH! The cuteness is too much.^^

Man, they are cute. And I'm not their biased mother or anything!!

But seriously, we had so much fun doing this shoot. Thanks for working with us, Burt's Bees Baby & Blue Lily Photography! What a fun experience.

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